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Study online in the Virtual Classroom

For those living outside of Germany who want to pursue studies at the musicube academy or ArtEZ, we have developed online courses in our Virtual Classroom.

Based on the musicube academy’s successful learning concept and a lively student community, participation in a course of study at musicube academy is possible from any corner of the globe. The technical requirements for online participants are an adequately-equipped DAW with software and internet access with a bandwidth of at least 3Mbps upload.

At the core of the online studies in the Virtual Classroom is interactive and cooperative practical learning in a group, accompanied by qualified instruction.

Weekly, interactive courses take place in small groups of four with individual instruction. Participants use special video conferencing software to take part in classes in the Virtual Classroom. In addition to the core classes, there are also (depending on the level of study) webinars, individual lessons, written materials, and practical exercises.

About us / concept

The musicube academy is an institute that specializes in and focuses on film music. Everyone involved in the musicube academy takes part ambitiously and passionately. We believe music is a basic human need, meaning musical composition and production is important and necessary for society. We welcome anyone who shares this passion with us. Our goal is to enable our students to pursue a career as a film music composer or in a related field.
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