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    Media Music Producer


    The Media Music Composer program at the musicube academy covers a wide range of topics based on well-established content.

The best of both worlds

Our programs are cost-effective, performance-oriented, interconnected, and geared to the practical artistic and scientific / academic needs of the industry. Our student’s proficiency is exceptionally high, providing a foundation for a successful career after graduation. Most our students find work in the industry after completing their studies.
This high rate of success can be traced back to the musicube academy’s sophisticated educational concept. We work with our students to develop their artistic and technical abilities. A maximum of six participants take part in each of our seminars, meaning there are no overcrowded lecture halls. Instead, our students methodically learn the material in small groups with other students with similar knowledge and experience.
Part of the musicube academy’s success and the talent of our students stems from the ability to extend the time frame of the program. While other bachelor programs in this field are limited to four years, the musicube academy can offer students up to five years. The extra time only strengthens our student’s skills by the time they graduate.

About us / concept

The musicube academy is an institute that specializes in and focuses on film music. Everyone involved in the musicube academy takes part ambitiously and passionately. We believe music is a basic human need, meaning musical composition and production is important and necessary for society. We welcome anyone who shares this passion with us. Our goal is to enable our students to pursue a career as a film music composer or in a related field.
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